About Me

I'm Chris Koon, a game programmer and MMO enthusiast. I have always looked at video games as an escape to another world, and I dream of being a part of the creation of those worlds. As a game programmer I work daily to learn and develop new skills that push me closer to that dream. I am driven and passionate about my work. I have worked with teams of all sizes in game development and outside of games. I am self-motivated and detail oriented, which are skills I have developed throughout my military and professional career. 

People tell me that I fit well in almost any culture and I am easy to get along with, so if you are interested in talking feel free to contact me on linkedin or via the contact form and I will get back to you as soon as I can.


In my free time you can find me playing games and learning how things are built, or building games and mechanics of my own. I believe in lifetime learning, because there is always somewhere we can improve. I study a lot because I enjoy experimenting with my games and personal projects. When I need a break from my own projects I like to turn on a movie or learn artsy things, like particle effests, shaders or 3D modeling. I also enjoy indoor rock climbing, tinkering with computer parts and trying new things, but perhaps my favorite activity is helping others. There are a lot of people trying to make their own games who frequently ask for help and I like to use what I learn to help them finish projects of their own.


  • BS Game Programming

    • University of Advancing Technology​

    • Attending GPA 4.00​​

  • BS Advancing Computer Science

    • University of Advancing Technology​

    • Attending GPA 4.00

  • AS Electronic Systems Technology

    • Community College of the Air Force​


  • Unreal Engine 4          5 Years

  • C++                               5 Years

  • Blueprints                    5 Years​

  • C#                                 3 Years​

  • Unity                             3 Years​

  • ​Python                          2 Years
  • ​LUA                               2 Years
  • ​SQL                               2 Years
  • HTML/CSS                   2 Years
  • Javascript                     2 Years